Leonid Zarubin


Check out the work of Leonid Zarubin, an illustrator from Moscow.

Anne Wilson


Nice strong colors, patterns, great characters (animals & humans)...yes, I like this. Anne Wilson's website.

Iratxe López de Munáin


Lovely work from Iratxe López de Munáin.

Takeshi Miyasaka


Check out the work of Takeshi Miyasaka, an illustrator from Tokyo, Japan.

Lim Heng Swee


This is so clever & beautiful ... ilovedoodle.com

Jon McNaught


I realy like the artwork of Jon McNaught! the colours are beautiful, but the most strinking is his subtle way of telling stories, go check out the site!

Andrea D'Aquino

From her website :"While there is a very personal stamp on her work, she does not consider herself "a brand"(no, thank you) but an actual person with complexity and contradictions. She reserves the right to be unpredictable, and to work in a wide variety of media."
I love this, very free-spirited (in a good way).

Jude Buffum & Paul Kepple


Even if you don't need "The Baby Owner's Manual","The Dog Owner's Manual" or "The Cat Owner's Manual"... it's still tempting to buy them just because of these quirky infographics.
www.judebuffum.com & headcasedesign.com

Brecht Vandenbroucke


A little bizare, but in a good way...the work of Brecht Vandenbroucke!

Gabriel Alborozo


Monika Suska


Whooah, it's time for some massive cuteness again! ...her blog

Vladimir Stankovic


These are illustrations from "Fairytales, Dreams and Nightmares" from Vladimir Stankovic. Very intense piece of art.