Toni Demuro


Trees are very inspiring! ...his blog

Jean Pierre Gibrat


Lovely women by Jean-Pierre Gibrat.

Denise van Leeuwen


Great work from fellow Dutch illustrator Denise van Leeuwen.

Ricardo Cavolo


Even if you don't like pony's or tattoos, the colourfull work of Ricardo Cavolo will definately make you happy! more

Felice Perkins

Whoa hoa!! Going trippy with the work of Felice! Fantastic colors and look and those people, they're so different in a very good way :D

Tijn Snoodijk


Umberto, a lonely and rejected cuddly toy. So sad. But fun drawings :)

Julia Grigorieva


Beautiful illustrations, patterns, comics...Julia can do it all!

Junona Balash


Look at the drapery of the dress (illustration below). Isn't it marvelous!

Sophia Martineck


Great use of colour, sense of humour and funny details everywhere. What else do you need? more this way

Romain Brisson

This is the coolest tree I've ever seen!!!

Yuen Kee


Great work from Yuen Kee, an illustrator from Hong Kong.

Raquel Aparicio


I like the unusual combinations ...a zebraforrest for instance...

LouLou & Tummie pt.2


If you're very very quick you still can win a copy of this book. Just go to their Facebook page and leave a nice comment. !!This friday (GMT+1) they're going to pick the two winners!!

LouLou & Tummie

These two fantastic illustrations are made of felt in combination with embroidery!!!!! Wow!!

Emily Grandin


Yes! Rescue the dust bunnies!! In my home they are safe ;-)