Esther van den Berg


Here are two very cute linocuts from Esther van den Berg.



Hello there fellow students and newbie freelancers! 
Check this website about the dangers of speculative work. Very helpful.

from the NO!SPEC website:

Why is spec work unethical?
 The designer in essence works free of charge and with an often falsely advertised, overinflated promise for future employment; or is given other insufficient forms of compensation. Usually these glorified prizes or “carrots” appear tantalizing for creative communicators just starting out, ending with encouraging examples like “good for your portfolio” or “gain recognition.” The reality is that they often yield little extra work, profit or referrals. Moreover they often must sign a contract unwittingly waiving their valuable creative rights and ownership of their work to the ones promoting this system. A verbal agreement is ineffective in protecting the rights of the designer in a court of law. As a result the client/employer will often employ other designers using similar unprincipled tactics to change and/or resell the creative work as their own. This also promotes the practice of designers ridiculously undercharging themselves in the hopes of “outbidding” any potential rivals, devaluing both their skills and those of the graphics industry in the process. Promoting this method encourages some clients/employers to continue preying on uninformed creatives for menially valued labor.

Gordon Wiebe

This post is for the ones who still don't known the work of Gordon Wiebe. I like the vivid colors, the strong compositions, the little bits of collage and the cute faces :D


Recently I heard about a new website called It is actually really great and easy! You can upload your own comics, or read those of other members. I made an account too! you can find me here for example ;)

Chuck Groenink

I love all the funny weird creatures appearing in the Illustrations of Chuck groenink..

Jenny Lumelsky

Here is some work of Jenny Lumelsky, a student of visual communication at the Bezalel academy, Israel. Her style is nice, fun, beautiful and refreshing.



Even a rainy day seems cheerful!

Rich Gemmell

I love this stylized waterfall. his website

Emilie Boudet


Cats, cats, cats, cats, cats!

Yunmee Kyong


Nice colors and playful drawings. I wish I could take a nap in the illustration below. It looks so peaceful and calming.

Astrid Yskout


Great work by Astrid Yskout. I really like all the small details in her illustrations.

Mattias Adolfsson


Cool robots (and dino) from Mattias Adolfsson!

Victor Huckabee


Great work. A lot more goodies on his website.

Brecht Evens


Interesting comic artist from belgium, more here.

Zara Picken

Hmmm, interesting. her website

Amanda Visell


Bad Croccy, bad bad Croccy! ...her website

Gustavo Aimar


Wonderful collage picturing Marie Antoinette

Lu Green


You almost can't believe that bears are really really dangerous. Who can resist a bear in such a sweater!  website

Meg Hunt


Witty & Beautiful, a very pleasant mix :)