Duane Michals


Last tuesday I've seen the work of Duane Michals for the first time (in the Dutch Photomuseum). Very impressive and entertaining! If you're somewhere near Rotterdam go visit the exhibition.

The American photographer Duane Michals (1932) is maybe the most appealing en influential founder of staged photography.

Michals pioneered with photo series in the sixties, where he told short stories about the human side of life: love, dreams and also fears and disappointments. The short, hand written texts he placed at the photo series became characteristic and a part of his work. Michals showed that photography is more than registering an unique moment, it can also tell stories and portray the inner sides of the human existence. Humour is also typical for Michals’ work. The exhibition Dr. Duanus contains a selection of old photo series, (staged) artist and self-portraits, parodies on well-known artists and their work, like the Japanese iconography inspired by colour photography.

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