Emma Kidd


"And Now For Something Completely Different" :D www.benconservato.com

David Hughes


The Illustrations of David Hughes are funny and a little bit scary at the same time, which makes them very interesting. more over here

John Bauer


Winter is coming again (where I live, brrrr). So make yourself a hot cocoa and feast your eyes on the illustrations of John Bauer.

Bobby Chiu

Here are some lovely characters by Bobby Chiu...

Alex Noriega - part two


And here are some wise words of Alex Noriega.....

Alex Noriega - If I Was....

If I was Alex Noriega I would have had a looooot of blog followers ;)

Dmitry Maksimov

Photography and illustration can mix perfectly. ...website

photo © sandra masandra

 photo © pani_pa

 photo © tetya asya

Banksy & the Simpsons

This is a Banksy version of the Simpsons intro. It's pretty shocking and makes you think (but it's also fun).

N.P. de Koo (1881-1960)


We must not forget the great designers of the past. I want to dedicate this post to the work of Dutch graphic designer Nicolaas Petrus de Koo. The poster below is one of my favourites. The design is so strong and well balanced - it's making me long for a beer everytime I see it.

Laura Hughes

It's dark, cold and rainy in the Netherlands right now. I NEED SOMETHING CHEERFUL!!
And then I came across the work of Laura Hughes. It's colorful, playful, quirky and it's CHEERFUL.
Thank you Laura :)
her blog &

Frank & Wendy


If you like animation or absurdism or Estonia, nazi-dwarfs, secret agents that turn into saussages or dirty fat rabbits, you should definetly watch Frank and Wendy!

Agata Dudek

I really like the work of Polish Illustrator Agata Dudek. Her work looks so playfull, interesting and thoughtfull all at the same time. More here.

Byron Eggenschwiler


amazing stuff www.byronegg.com 

Grafisch Papier Hier

Grafisch Papier Hier is an event in Pakhuis de Zwijger with lectures, exhibitions and presentations. It will take place on Saturday the 20th of November in Amsterdam. One of the lectures is given by a French designers duo: Antoine+Manuel. Check out their amazing work!

Color Is Relative

Test your eyes & brain with Same or Different.

Louise Bagnall


Bee with Tea, such an adorable little sketch. The only thing is, I can't get the title out of my head anymore...bee with tea, bee with tea, bee with tea, bee with tea... louisebagnall.daportfolio.com

David O'Reilly


This animation portrays a relationship of a couple you might know of.....


An intense and beautiful dance like the one below can be an inspiration for your next project. Enjoy....

Linn Olofsdotter


GORGEOUS. Don't know what more I can say, I'm too stunned at the moment.....



FUN STUFF of Stick-A-Thing!

Duane Michals


Last tuesday I've seen the work of Duane Michals for the first time (in the Dutch Photomuseum). Very impressive and entertaining! If you're somewhere near Rotterdam go visit the exhibition.

The American photographer Duane Michals (1932) is maybe the most appealing en influential founder of staged photography.

Michals pioneered with photo series in the sixties, where he told short stories about the human side of life: love, dreams and also fears and disappointments. The short, hand written texts he placed at the photo series became characteristic and a part of his work. Michals showed that photography is more than registering an unique moment, it can also tell stories and portray the inner sides of the human existence. Humour is also typical for Michals’ work. The exhibition Dr. Duanus contains a selection of old photo series, (staged) artist and self-portraits, parodies on well-known artists and their work, like the Japanese iconography inspired by colour photography.


Last summer I stubled upon this blog. You can fill in a scribblesheet yourself too! I've been working on mine for a while now...still not done, though...

Sara Fanelli


more here

Joaquima Casas


Throw away your pencils and go wild with felt & paper! Visit her blog and Flickr page.

François Van Damme


Interesting, different, intriguing, beautiful...yes, that's what I am ;-) I was talking about the work of the Belgium illustrator François Van Damme. There's plenty more to discover on his website and Flickr page.

Grabba Beast


I was browsing through my favourite blogs and I found something VERY entertaining on COLOURlovers. If you like weird critters but suck at making your own, try this: Grabba Beast. Here's my first try...

Simon Tofield


Here's the newest Simon's Cat!

Cally Johnson-Isaacs

No posts about zombies this day. It's time for something cute! You can find all sorts of lovely critters here.