Anthony Freda



In 2008 I was asked by writer and friend Karen Dawn to create a series of illustrations for her primer on animal rights titled “Thanking the Monkey”, published by Harper Collins.

The content was very disturbing, and she correctly believed that the book needed to be filled with cartoons and illustrations that provided some comic relief from the dark subject matter. One of the more troubling passages for me described how our Department of Defense tests the effects of weapons like Tasers and guns on live pigs. In a story originally reported by The New York Times, a young medic explains that as part of his pre-Iraq training he was tasked with trying to keep a pig alive even as it was repeatedly injured. The pig was shot twice in the face with a 9-mm pistol, twice with a 12 gauge shotgun and then set on fire. He managed to keep the animal alive for 15 hours.

This was painted on found, distressed wood in acrylic. I tried to keep the image as light as I could, without dishonoring the memory of that poor little piggie.

Anthony Freda

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